2 G Energy AG


Christoph Wischemann

Benzstraße 3

48619 Heek



Phone: +49 2568 9347-0

Fax: +49 2568 9347-15



The 2G Energy AG Group is an internationally leading manufacturer of decentralized energy supply systems. With the development, production and technical installation as well as digital grid integration of combined heat and power plants, the company offers comprehensive solutions in the growing market for highly efficient combined heat and power (CHP) systems. After sales and maintenance services comprise an important additional performance criterion.

In particular, the product range includes CHP modules with an electrical output range between 20 and 4,000 kW for operation harnessing natural gas, biogas, other lean gases and hydrogen.


Worldwide, more than 6.000 installed 2G systems in more than 50 countries in various applications supply electrical energy, heating and cooling to broad spectrum of customers.

Advent Technologies SA


Nora Gourdoupi

Stadiou Str.

26504 Platani Achaias,




Phone: +30 2610 911-583

Fax: +30 2610 911-585



Advent Technologies is an innovation leader in the field of fuel cells and primarily ht-pem fuel-flexible fuel cells. We have a platform technology based on high temperature operating membranes and electrodes that result in fuel-flexible fuel cells that can generate clean electricity from hydrogen, natural gas, methanol, renewable fuels/biofuels.


We are bringing to the market fuel cells that can use zero-emissions efuels such as e-methanol (from green hydrogen), DME, ammonia and biofuels, and also traditional fuels methanol, natural gas, ethanol, etc. Advent is using the term Li.F.E.TM Engines (Liquid Fuel Electrochemical Engines) for its fuel cells.


Our vision is to accelerate electrification through advanced materials, components, and next-generation fuel cell technology. Our technology applies to electrification (fuel cells) and energy storage (flow batteries, hydrogen production) markets, and we intend to commercialize it through partnerships with Tier1s, OEMs, and System Integrators.

Anleg GmbH


Jan Andreas

Am Schornacker 59

46485 Wesel



Phone: +49 281 206526-0



With 16 employees, ANLEG GmbH has been a reliable partner in the field of gas supply systems for 15 years. In order to be able to respond more intensively to the needs of our customers, we have expanded our portfolio in the area of valve technology since 2014. We offer customised solutions, especially in the field of hydrogen. We offer consulting, engineering & installation in the areas of:


1. seal gas supply systems

2. valve technology

3. hydrogen H2 technology

DBI - Gastechnologisches Institut gGmbH Freiberg


Prof. Dr. Hartmut Krause

Halsbrücker Str. 34

09599 Freiberg



Phone: +49 3731 4195-300

Fax: +49 3731 4195-319



In order to help shape change in the energy industry, the DBI Group provides leadership and participation in national and European committees. We are involved in several associations and research networks and offer a platform for an effective exchange of experience and knowledge. We assume responsibility for society and the environment. In this way we create added value for customers and employees.


Research - at the forefront of the energy turnaround

We see ourselves as spearheading the development of new technologies for the use of regenerative gaseous energy sources and as a link between universities/research institutes and the gas industry.


Engineering - for a sustainable energy industry

We introduce innovative technologies into practice and support companies in implementing new strategies.


Through our many years of experience in the gas industry and through a high level of professional competence we enable a reliable and efficient execution of our projects.

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR)

Institut für Raumfahrtantriebe | Angewandte Wasserstofftechnologien | Lampoldshausen

Im Langen Grund

74239 Hardthausen am Kocher



Phone.: +49 6298/280



DLR is the Federal Republic of Germany's research centre for aeronautics and space. Its research and development work in aeronautics, space, energy, transport and security is integrated into national and international cooperations. Furthermore, DLR is responsible for planning and implementing German space activities on behalf of the Federal Government. In addition, DLR acts as the umbrella organisation for the nation's largest project management organisation. DLR researches the Earth and the solar system, it provides knowledge for the preservation of the environment and develops environmentally compatible technologies for energy supply, mobility, communication and security. Its portfolio ranges from basic research to the development of tomorrow's products. DLR operates large-scale research facilities for its own projects and as a service provider for partners in industry.

Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Laboratory of Materials for Renewable Energy (LMER)



Prof. Dr. Andreas Züttel

CP 440, Rue de l’Industrie 17

1951 Sion



Phone: +41 21 695-8210



Fraunhofer-Institut für Chemische Technologie ICT

Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Straße 7

76327 Pfinztal



Fax: +49 721 4640-0




Contact person:

Fabian Frank

Phone: +49 721 4640-268


The scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT are active in different fields in terms of FCH-technologies. The range spans from the development of fuel cell and electrolyzer systems with sustainable material life cycles through the research on synthetic hydrogen based fuels and their use in combustion engines to materials in hydrogen applications. These activities are complemented by functional- and technical safety assessments of FCH-systems. With a focus on the scalability of processes and the transfer of research results from laboratory scale to pilot plant scale or in some cases to pilot-level application, the findings are mainly applied in the following industries:

  • Defense and Security
  • Aerospace industry
  • Automotive and traffic
  • Chemistry and process engineering

Gas- und Wärme-Institut Essen e.V.


Dr. Manfred Lange

Hafenstraße 101

45356 Essen



Phone: +49 201 3618-0

Fax: +49 201 3618-111


The Gas- und Wärme-Institut Essen e.V. (Gas and Heat Institute, short GWI) is a non-profit and independent research institute that has been involved in addressing the energy topics of the future together with its members, partners and customers for many decades. In the course of the energy transition, GWI has developed into an Energy Institute that is open to all types of technology and is engaged in numerous research projects at state, federal and EU level as well as application-oriented cooperation with industry. Due to the close interaction between the departments of Research and Development, Training and Consulting Center, Testing Laboratory and L-H Gas Market Conversion, GWI has created extensive possibilities to support the transformation of the energy system on all levels of the technology chain including production, supply and end-use.

GRZ Technologies S.A.


Noris Gallandat

Route du P.A.A. 27

1772 Grolley





GRZ Technologies Ltd. is a company based in Switzerland specialized in the energy storage in the form of hydrogen. A spinoff from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), it aims at providing an attractive solution to the problem of fluctuating renewable energy sources. Its technology, commercialized under the DASHTM trademark, enables the storage of hydrogen in a dense, safe and affordable manner.

Helbio S.A. Hydrogen and Energy production Systems

Old National Road Patras-Athens 10

Rio 26500, Patras



Phone: +30 2610 911538



Contact person:George Nomikos, R&D Manager

Phone: +30 2610 911561

Mobile: +30 6957 504756


HELBIO S.A. is a high-tech company active in the field of renewable energy sources, located in Patras, Greece. HELBIO develops and markets hydrogen production systems, from both renewable and conventional sources, either for industrial use or integrated with fuel cells for power or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) production. HELBIO possesses a strong background and large experience in process design and optimization, reactor design and construction, plant constructions, control hardware and software design, having implemented, so far, several fuel processing systems running on various fuels like LPG, NG, BG and ethanol, and operating in a wide screen of capacity range (0.5-50kW). The company offers an up-to-date laboratory and a machinery shop fully equipped for implementing various constructions and systems integration.



Prof. Dr. Karl Klug

Doncaster-Platz 5-7

45699 Herten



Phone: +49 2366 305-205

Fax: +49 2366 305-206



HYCON GmbH, located in Herten (Federal State of NRW, Germany) was founded in 2014 and provides vendor-independent consulting and engineering services for hydrogen technology and hydrogen-based energy storage system. The technical and economic expertise of HYCON is grounded in more than twenty years of experience of its founder in successful management of industrial hydrogen projects for market leaders such as E.ON / Ruhrgas, Opel, VW, Peugeot, RWE, GVG, Hitachi Zosen, Asahi Kasei etc. As an example for our business we did a special project in wind power electrolysis for the hydrogen application center “H2Herten”. The worldwide first HECS system for full electricity and hydrogen supply of a commercial property has been installed according to our design.

Isodetect GmbH


Dr. Heinrich Eisenmann

Richard-Wagner-Str. 15

80333 München



Phone: +49 89 8908-4187



Energy storage facilities, drinking water and groundwater and are nowadays used, protected or remediated by most modern technologies. Isodetect investigates key processes in the economic use of these resources with isotope analysis and microbial examinations, e.g. the origin and implementation of fuels or the degradation of pollutants in contaminated sites. Isodetect works for exploration companies, energy suppliers, engineering offices, rehabilitation companies, environmental authorities and research institutes. As an innovative company, we prefer to tackle challenges.

KTW Technology GmbH


Wolfgang Teichmann

Gleeser Str.14

56653 Wehr



Phone: +49 2636 80777-3


The slogan of KTW Technology is SpaceTech4PlanetEarth. We transfer innovations out of space to earth to significantly increase efficiency and sustainability in industrial processes and applications. Our technologies reduce emissions, pesticides, waste of resources, support renewable energy sources and enable long-lasting hip implants as well as E-hybrid drives, and this is always associated with an increase in efficiency. In doing so, we generate a double dividend by creating assets with high profitability and by providing our customers with products that make an important social contribution to environmental protection and sustainability.

A team of experienced engineers from Aerospace, Formula 1 as well as internationally successful managers covering all relevant business areas are a high guarantee for the successful implementation of our strategy.

KTW innovations in detail: Our SmartValve technology is the core of powerful solutions that solve a problem or enable new applications for our customers; our featherweight Champion Titanium Matrix Composites creates outstanding results in medical technology or mobility; and our high vacuum laser welding technology revolutionises welding processes.


LAMTEC Meß- und Regel-technik für Feuerungen GmbH & Co. KG

Josef-Reiert-Straße 26

69190 Walldorf (Baden)




LAMTEC develops and produces sensors and systems for combustion technology. LAMTEC has sensors and sensor systems with the highest sensitivity for the detection of hydrogen, the original development of which comes from the aerospace industry. The sensor technology is characterised by low power consumption, fast response time (t60 < 1 sec) and a unique measuring range. Typical areas of application are: Leakage or safety monitoring of fuel cells, hydrogen infrastructure and/or electrolysis equipment.

Mehrer Compression GmbH

Rosenfelderstraße 35

72336 Balingen



Phone: +49 7433 2605-0

Fax: +49 7433 2605-7541




Contact person:

Luis Tändler - Product Management & Marketing

Phone: +49 7433 2605-8246

Mehrer Compression GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of oil-free piston and diaphragm compressors worldwide. For 130 years the company from Southern Germany has been setting standards in gas and air compression. Due to its failsafe, efficient and absolutely oil-free compressors, Mehrer Compression GmbH is a renowned partner for the process engineering industry, the process gas industry as well as in the energy and environmental sector.


We manufacture single and small series machines for you and set the compressor to your specific requirements. Thus, we can ensure that you have the right machine for your application. With our designs and our service management systems we ensure that our machines have the longest service life and that you have the best possible customer lifetime value.


Engineering office for Simulation & Development


Stefan Merkle

Friedrichstraße 1

89518 Heidenheim



Phone: +49 7321 9343-0

Fax: +49 7321 9343-20



Merkle & Partner are your specialists for technical and engineering calculations.

With over 31 years of company history, the Merkle & Partner engineering office is one of the first service providers of engineering calculations and simulations in Germany.

At the headquarters in Heidenheim and the branch offices in Homburg/Saar, Wolfsburg & Erfurt, the approximately 50 employees handle up to 500 customer projects each year from the core areas of structural analysis, flow simulation and virtual product development.


The latest and most powerful hardware and software is used for this purpose.

Well-known companies from mechanical and plant engineering, aerospace technology, the automotive industry and shipbuilding are among the customer base and rely on the competence and experience of Merkle & Partner.

Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

Universitätsplatz 2

39106 Magdeburg


Phone: +49 391 67-01

Fax: +49 391 67-11156



Contact person:

Prof. Dr. Ines Hauer

Phone: +49 391 67-51649


The Otto-von-Guericke University sees itself as a profile university and strives for a sharply contoured and lean structure, with a traditional focus on engineering and natural sciences and medicine, and with economics, social sciences and humanities as indispensable disciplines. The Magdeburg University is committed to a comprehensive internationalisation of research and teaching and contributes to cultural understanding.


Research focuses on the neurosciences, dynamic systems and biosystems technology (CDS), medical technology, digital engineering, fluidised bed technology, automotive and renewable energies.

In the field of renewable energies, solutions are developed for the use of wind energy, hydropower and biomass and storage as well as their optimal integration into the electrical networks, taking into account power electronics and electromagnetic compatibility. Sector coupling technologies are also taken into account, especially fuel cells.

Patras Science Park


Rio, 265 04




Phone: +30 2610 911-550

Fax: +30 2610 994-106




Contact persons:

Vasilis Anastassopoulos, President & CEO E-mail:


Vicky Tomara, Development Director


Patras Science Park (PSP) was established according to the model of “Incubator” for New Technology Based Firms (NTBFs). The main scope is to provide high quality infrastructure as well as co-shape the appropriate financial and social conditions to support and promote the creation, operation and development of innovative firms through spin-off/spin-out processes and intensive technology transfer actions. For almost 30 years, PSP supports the growth of innovative, technology based companies across several sectors such as ICT, biotechnology, clean energy and other industrial technologies, contributing to the City Region’s knowledge economy. Many companies, created and developed in PSP in the past years, have successfully scaled and/or were acquired by large multinationals such as Citrix, Samsung, Dialog.

Today, PSP is home of 29 companies and 1 institution (ISI), employing nearly 150 highly skillful personnel in areas such as engineering, chemistry, physics, medicine.

Prometheus Applied Technologies GmbH

Lorenzstraße 2

81737 München




Prometheus was founded in April 2010 with a vision to develop and sell unique pre-chamber spark plugs and combustion solutions for the stationary natural gas engine market (power generation & gas compression). Since then, Prometheus' offering has expanded into the marine propulsion and automotive markets. After nearly a decade, Prometheus has established strong relationships with prominent engine OEMs and Tier 1 system organisations in Japan, China, Europe and North America. To date, Prometheus has completed 68 major combustion system projects ranging in engine power from several megawatts to a few kilowatts. Prometheus has a headquarters in Fort Collins Colorado and a European office in Munich Germany.

Resato International BV

Duitslandlaan 1

9403 DL Assen



Phone: +31 505 016-877




Contact person:

Hendrik Sijtsma - Area Sales Manager

Phone:+31 615 675-755


Resato is a Dutch provider of smart high pressure solutions with the aim to increase the productivity of its worldwide customers. Our product range includes high pressure waterjet cutting systems and components and systems for testing, injection, controlling that operate up to 14,000 bars. On the road to a greener future we have extended our product range with hydrogen refueling stations, boosters and testing systems.


To support the development of a hydrogen economy we provide not only large refueling stations we are used to, but also smaller and more affordable options. We want to motivate our customers to invest into a greener future and to provide an incentive for end-users to invest in a sustainable FCEV.

With over 25 years of experience in high pressure technology, we understand the challenges of pressurizing hydrogen. We develop and manufacture our products with a sharp eye on environmental & personal safety. It is our mission to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Universität der Bundeswehr München

Institut für Energie und Antriebstechnik

Werner-Heisenberg-Weg 39

85577 Neubiberg




The Chair of Vehicle Drivetrains deals in research and teaching with both classical combustion engines and alternative drive systems. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art test benches for vehicles and powertrains for performance, combustion and emission diagnostics as well as 1D / 3D simulation tools for overall system, performance, emission and combustion calculations.

WS-Reformer GmbH


Dr. H.P. Schmid

Dornierstraße 14

71272 Renningen



Phone: +49 7159 1632-42

Fax: +49 7159 2738



Whether in cars, micro-CHP plants or other decentralized power generators, fuel cells need hydrogen. Reformers provide it efficiently by catalytic conversion ("reforming") from primary energy sources such as natural gas, thus closing the "availability gap" without a new hydrogen infrastructure.

WS Reformer has been working on small scale reformation since 2000 and offers a wide range of reformers for PEM fuel cells, SOFC systems and solutions for on-site hydrogen production.


The latter might help to develop and establish an area-wide H2-refueling infrastructure during the market penetration phase of fuel cell vehicles. This holds particularly true, once biogas is used as feedstock for green hydrogen. More than 9000 biogas plants, distributed all over the country, allow to provide hydrogen over short distances and serve as initial nucleus for numerous Hydrogen projects.

Zecha Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH


Thilo Hutmacher

Benzstr. 2

75203 Königsbach-Stein



Phone: +49 7232 3022-0

Fax: +49 7232 3022-25


For almost 60 years ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH has been one of the pioneers and trendsetters in the field of micro cutting, blanking and forming tools. The company's origins in the chronograph industry can be seen not only in its uncompromising specialisation in the production of miniature tools of the highest precision, but also in its special tool solutions.


Precision and quality are decisive factors for international use in various industries such as for example medical and dental technology, chronograph industry, automotive industry or tool and mould making. Experts in the company’s own research and development department are constantly developing the latest geometries and tools for sophisticated applications and cutting-edge materials.

In addition, tool reproducibility is ensured even for years on account of the life number stamped on the end of the shank of each tool.